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About Paul

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How to describe yourself - as a retired community college English professor? A meditator? A poet and photographer? Someone who loves Burmese cats? An Aquarian who is a Four (Individualist or Romantic) on the Enneagram with a strong line to the One (Reformer or Perfectionist)? Or am I the divine Self, acting out these roles, just as you are playing the character you came here to play? After all, if there's only the Supreme, then God manifests in infinite ways, and remains God even while playing all the roles you and and everyone else play in this creation. Here, I'm pretending to be myself and am doing a darn good job of it. A lake in the Oregon Cascades is in the background, and my lovely and beloved wife, Marjorie Woollacott, is sitting next to me and documenting my adventures. Nice shot!

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