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An Impressionist Sunset

One thing I love about Sedona is the beauty of its sky - a beauty that manifests in so many ways that I find myself looking skyward much more than I used to. This evening's clouds however went way beyond beautiful, however. It looked to me like a French Impressionist painting made with sunshine itself - dabs of radiant whites, golds, grays, and blues, turned into thousands of points of light.

Really, any attempt to praise this scene is superflous - it speaks to the heart and spirit without words.

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09 jun 2021

Every now and then a moment of spellbinding natural beauty will catch our attention and transform an ordinary moment into one of those unexpected embraces of wonder and bliss that exemplify the process of the conscious universe acknowledging and appreciating its own infinite beauty. Paul has captured such a moment in this breathtaking sunset...what a pleasure!

Me gusta
09 jul 2021
Contestando a

For myself, Paul, stunning images like this exist on two distinct planes: the first is the endlessly thought-provoking aspect that elicits memories and fantasies, comparisons and impressions, and moods and nuanced sensations. This is a fascinating aspect that can, for me, last for extended periods of joyful contemplation. But the second plane is the simple, natural wonder and unspeakable beauty that is presented by Nature Herself that goes way beyond any attempt to verbally describe it...that kind of Beauty speaks for itself in velvet, familiar Silence. Images like this are Nectar to the Eye and Soul!

Me gusta
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