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Light Leaks in Everywhere

Light leaks in everywhere –

from eyelids, clouds, the edges of closed doors,

and the moon in late afternoon.

Blessings when you ask

and when you don’t.

So much light comes in, sideways or straight.

So much light comes out, known or not.


This is a section of a door in the town of Onekaka, New Zealand, that I saw during a trip my wife and I took to New Zealand in 2019. I was drawn by the sideways light that highlights the wood grain, the unique decorative carving that suggests some mystical symbol, and the tool marks that accompany its installation. To me, it looks both modern, and ancient.

Light and doorways... two mysteries of life. Our life is filled with doors - ones that open, ones that don't. Light that illumines our world, and light that illumines our minds and hearts.

What doors might we want to open a bit, to let some kind of light in? What doors might we want to close, so we can leave something behind?

And what light shines through us, casting a radiance in our worlds?

What grace do we give, and what grace do we have?

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1 commentaire

Beautifully composed. Thank you for sharing

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