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The Blue Light Special (or the Special Blue Light)

Earlier this year, I went outside on a cold morning and was mesmerized by the blueness of the sky being reflected on the windshield of our car and the amazing frost on it. I've never seen this kind of frost - it looked like dandelion florets, or perhaps the hair clipping of an older person caught in the sunlight. (And if you look carefully you'll see my arm propping me up so that I could get a closer view of the frost.)

On one hand, I used the title "Blue Light Special" because this blue light reminded me of a famous sale phrase at Kmart stores to attract customers to special sale items.

On a much more significant level, meditators may see a beautiful blue light in their awareness when they are in deep meditation. This blue light is a profound manifestation of the divine, and takes a meditator into a deep state of peace and expansion. Perhaps you might be drawn into a quiet state yourself simply by looking at this image.

Lastly, a famous phrase among photographers is, "the best camera is the one you have with you." Nowadays, iPhones and similar devices are carried by a vast number of people, and we use them as cameras as much as phones, web browsers, online stores, games. I encourage you to explore the world with your camera - not just for snapshots of friends, but to see the beauty of the world and enjoy it.

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