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The Doorway

This is one of my earliest digital photographs, taken in December of 2011, during one of my walks in our neighborhood in Sedona. I was taken by the warmth and glow of the wood, and the curves of the wrought-iron door and its shadow. In all, it was both mysterious and inviting.

As I reflect on this image's appeal to me, I become aware of both its beauty and its dream-like invitation and mystery. What's behind this door? the mind wants to know. After all, when we encounter a beautiful door that's latched with a handle that looks like something out of an wondrous movie, isn't it an invitation to speculate what's on the other side? It's not that I want to imagine something specific, like a boat or motorcycle or pool. I want to let it remain something unknown and mysterious, as if it is a portal to an enchanted world.

Perhaps a photo like this is itself a doorway, one that invites us to open an inner door into our mind and heart, and to see what journey or beauty or realization is there for us. Go ahead - the magical-looking handle invites you grasp it and pull.

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