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Even Strange Light Shines Forth

Even Strange Light Shines Forth

Is there ever artificial light?

sunlight and starlight,

northern lights and flashlights,

headlights and taillights,

and the nightlight down the hall

all illumine the gloom.

Even strange light shines forth -

Indoor incandescents,

office fluorescents

and plankton’s bio-luminescence -

glow worms and cats’ eyes,

fireflies and octopi!

And what about your inner sky

of light and love - the dreams

within your heart and mind?

Let them bless you.

Let them hold you.

Let them lead you home.


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Robert Pacini
Robert Pacini
Oct 26, 2021

So nice, Paul! And loved your commentary on Baba's teaching!


Oct 25, 2021

Lovely thoughts eloquently expressed. Light is perhaps the simplest and purest form of Shakti, and it ultimately is the basis for all life. Sentient beings are Nature's way of converting sunlight into consciousness according to some scientific perspectives. Thanks, Paul, and please keep your insightful and beautiful images and thoughts coming!

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