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I’m Losing My Coats

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I’m Losing My Coats

Actually the first one was a scarf

a thick soft burgundy one

forgotten on the coat hook of a bathroom stall

in an outlet mall outside New River

outside Phoenix

in what had once been

a perfectly good desert

on the way to see my Dad in Tucson

before all his nouns were gone

and everything became

a this

and a that.

It was a month before I remembered

that I forgot it.

I think about it more now

than when I had it.


Shall I comment on this? Generally poets let a poem speak for itself, except when the poet is on a speaking tour. Is my blog "me" on tour, so to speak? I kind of like that idea. But I'm going to assume that this poem speaks for itself anyway. According to my computer, I wrote this on September 19, 2014, over six years ago. Shall I say that I've forgotten that I was losing a bit of my memory that long ago? I do remember the names of all my college English professors who launched my adventures in reading and writing poetry, but I'm writing more notes to myself to help me remember various household to-do's and sundry social upcoming social events.

I haven't actually lost some coats...I just think about it more than I'd like.

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