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A Me and a You

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

A Me and a You

They say there is a me and a you

which equals a one and a one and a two.

But how small is that two

compared to me and you and all

that sparks and flames and flies

in the meeting and merging

the mixing and twixting

the soaring and switching

and leaning fro and to

yes and no

we and thee

sparking and speaking

depths and deaths and

all that is

and isn’t?

The question

is whether

there’s only

a one

or even

a none

holy and playful

beyond between below

before and after and in?


I don't remember when I wrote this, and I was curious why I initially named it "Crossword Puzzle." I'll think about it some more....

I decided to post it since I like the dance-like rhythm of the words and lines.

I'm intrigued by how my eye/heart picks an image to accompany a post that my mind thinks is not really a match. As I'm looking at this image, I feel my intuition liking it, and with it, an accompanying urge to explain why. But my mind balks, so for now we can just experience the juxtaposition and see what arrives or emerges. Feel free to comment!

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