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The Inner Kitchen

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The Cubist Kitchen: A Silent Poem

The windows reflect

a cubist kitchen,

the inner and outer panes

a bit askew,

projecting and reflecting

two kitchens out into

the night

and back again.


Every night I sit in a comfy chair that faces the very large windows in our living room. (Isn't that an interesting term - living room?) When I look up from my reading, I see the kitchen, which is behind me, reflected in the immense plate-glass window in front of me, the inside pane and the outside pane reflecting two slightly different views of reality, framed by the darkness of night and pierced a bit by the reeds and lights in our garden. As I look into the two kitchens super-imposed on each other, I'm enchanted by the jaunty quality of them, as if this is the set of a multi-dimensional fairy tale of a domestic kind.

Why "A Silent Poem"? On one hand, it simply came to me without any intention or imagining. I think it has to do with the slight mystery the image presents, and how it stills my mind as I absorb myself in it. (Isn't that an interesting term - we absorb ourselves in something?) One way I know that a piece of art is alive or beautiful is that it quiets my mind, even if some other part of my mind isn't sure it's really "art." Perhaps that describes this photograph.

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2021

Yeah,,,this is art, and cubist art at that, Pablo! Your eye has become profoundly discerning in its ability to recognize moments and objects of layered realities, and in this image that is literal! This image, like almost all of your work, is thought-provoking, nerve assuaging, and, probably most importantly, simply beautiful. I've learned that visiting your website, Paul, is its own reward. Muchas Gracias!

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